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Our References


Systems for technical power stations

Germany and International
  • HKW Hermsdorf (Public Services Jena-Pößneck)
    Hot water plant with fuel supply for HEL and chemical water treatment plant. The complex includes two hot water boilers (8 MW each), two heat exchangers (10 MW each) with load management of the four heat sources. For the realization of automation tasks were Simatic S7 - controllers S7 300 and 400 used with the WinCC SCADA system.
  • Heat recovery steam generator Grodno Azot 1 und 2 in Belarus
    (Siemens Industrial Turbomachinery Schweden)
    These projects two plants were built, each with two heat recovery steam generator behind gas turbines. It consisted of the switchgear for one heat recovery steam generator with 25 t / h and 31 bar, the addition of fire on surface burner with additional fresh air blower 90 kW. The tasks of the boiler and burner control system were implemented by means of safety-related control systems Simatic S7-300F family. The visualization has been configured with WinCC in Russian and English.
  • Kronos Titan Nordenham
    In Kronos Titan factory Nordenham a combined cycle power plant was built to supply electricity and steam. The power plant consists of two lines "gas turbine - heat recovery steam generator with additional fire", a backing boiler, a steam turbine and a steam reduction and the feedwater system, consisting of feed water tank with thermal degasser. The control of the combined cycle power plant is realized with two operator stations and a master controller for all control tasks. These include the steam output control including boiler sequence control and boiler switching. For the realization of automation tasks controllers of the Simatic S7 family 300 and 300F were used with the WinCC SCADA system.
  • ADM Rotterdam
    For the factory ADM Rotterdam existing steam supply has been replaced by an entirely new a CHP plant. For three heat recovery boiler plants were built with supplementary firing by gas turbines and feed water system with thermal treatment. For the realization of automation tasks controllers of the Simatic S7 family 300 and 300F were used.

Boiler plants

Germany and International
  • Hot water boiler plant Landing place gas pipeline
    GAZPROM Greifswald / Lubmin (WinGas)
    Switchgear for the three 40 MW hot water boilers as a shell boiler for natural gas preheating. Realization of automation tasks with controllers of the Simatic S7 family 300
  • Boiler plant T-Power Belgien (Siemens AG Energy Sector Erlangen)
    Switchgear for HP steam generation with feed water tank into a container. HD boiler 14 t / h, 350 ° C, natural gas heating, Control and regulation with Simatic S7-300 and visualization. Designing in English and Dutch.
  • Heating station Waldstadt Karlsruhe (Public Services Karlsruhe)
    Switchgear for a 40 MW water-tube boilers, total combustion capacity 43.0 MW, low-emission boiler furnace (natural gas / light fuel oil) with natural gas as the principal fuel. Control of the two dual-fuel burners in a safety-oriented Simatic S7-400H / F with connection to the Siemens main control.
  • Shell boilers to produce superheated steam to 38 t / h, 25 bar and a controlled superheater for various projects
    Switchgear with the complete boiler control, realized with Simatic S7 300F for example HKW Jena (E.ON), SAPPI Fine Paper Europe Ehingen, Energiezentrale Melitta Berlin (BTB Berlin), SCA Hygiene Products GmbH Mainz.
  • Thermal power station GmbH Mainz, Heizwerk 3 und Bauerngasse
    A total of three Shell boilers were built, each with 20 MW per thermal power station. Switchgear depending hot water boiler for the boiler control with burner and fuel supply. Realization with controllers of the Simatic S7 300 family and HMIs.

Technical Building Equipment

Germany and International
  • Waste incinerator RZR Herten II (Fisia Babcock)
    Switchgear for the complete E/MSR-technology and control technology the technical building equipment for the complete incineration RZR Herten II.Execution of the four information centers with Simatic S7-300 controller and the WinCC SCADA system.

Control cabinets for control and regulation of
Hydraulic stations
with SPS and operating unit

Germany and International
  • Control cabinet for two reducing stations with injection cooling and a hydraulic station Jilin (China)
  • Control cabinet for three steam conditioning valves with hydraulic unit, water injectors and steam control stock Metsa Botnia (Uruquay)
  • Control cabinet for hydraulic station Dong Fang Boiler (India)
  • Control cabinet for four steam reducing stations with water injectorsand a hydraulic station Keljonlahti (Finland)
  • Control cabinet for two hydraulic stations and Control valves for pressure and condensate Power station Datteln, Block 4 (Germany)
  • Control cabinet for hydraulic station DEC India - Anpara Project
  • Control cabinet for hydraulic station Power station Irsching Block 4 (Germany)
  • Control cabinets for hydraulic stations 400 Liter und 160 Liter Grupo Soporcel / Portucel (Portugal)

Systems for water and wastewater technology

Germany and International
  • Wastewater treatment plant Leisslinger Mineralbrunnen GmbH
  • Wastewater pre-treatemnt plant Frenzel Oderland Tiefkühlkost GmbH Manschnow
  • Wastewater treatment plant Meiningen
  • Drinking water treatment plant Gräfenthal
  • Puplic water service Jena – Burgau
  • Rainwater overflow basin Marienberg
  • Drinking water treatment plant Bobbahn der Wintersport Altenberg GmbH
  • Wastewater treatment plant Hausen
  • Puplic water service Friedrichroda – New filter plant
  • Drinking water treatment plant Blintendorf-Dobareuth
  • Wastewater treatment plant Schlaitz (1. + 2. BA)
  • Wastewater treatment plant Pottenstein
  • Wastewater treatment plant Markt Einersheim
  • Wastewater treatment plant / Sludge water treatment Rheda-Wiedenbrück

Planning of measurement and control systems

Germany and International
  • Philip Morris Berlin GmbH – Construction of a new production facility
    Planning and tendering of the complete measurement and control systems for reconstruction of different production halls in the field of Facility Management of the company Philip Morris. In detail this have been the air conditioning system of the production halls, refrigerating machines, pneumatically driven compressors and the boiler station for the central steam supply.
  • Planning of measurement and control systems ENVIA Plauen Engineering of a tandem steam turbine system of 0 - 15t/h each with turbine bypass for a steam extraction up to 60t/h
    Planning of the 10kV MV equipment for the extension of connecting the turbo generator station to the 10 kV the medium voltage net. Planning of measurement and control connection of the turbine system with regulation for the steam pressure reduction station as turbine by-passing station.
  • Public Services Karlsruhe GmbH – Construction of a new 40 MW
    hot water boiler station
    Planning of NSHV, USV stations for 24 VDC and 400 V AC, routeing distributor with all sub-distributors. Preparation of the control functions of both double-material burners in a safety oriented control system. Preparation of the function for the main process control systems of the power station.